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EDUCEN: European Disasters in Urban centres


The overarching aim of EDUCEN is to build on existing European networks and with them identify actions to build and support culture and cultural diversity. The networking and support actions, which are central in EDUCENʼs approach, will be directed at increasing the effectiveness of DRR design by including culture as a valuable component in all phases of disaster risk management: prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response and reconstruction.

This will contribute to more resilient cities that are able to meet the needs of their various cultures and subcultures during disaster relief hopefully leading to a lower number of fatalities while also reducing reaction time when disaster strikes.


  • Wageningen University (WU), Netherlands (Beneficiary)
  • ICATALIST S.L., Spain
  • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy
  • National Research Council of Italy (CNR) - Water Research Institute (IRSA), Italy
  • Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS), Poland
  • Segura River Basin Authority, Spain
  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden
  • Volos Development Company (ANEVO S.A.), Greece
  • Netherlands Defense Academy (NLDA) / Faculty of Military Science, Netherlands
Duration: 24 months.

Total Budget: 1.741.908 
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