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The aim of the Local Employment Pacts is to ensure the creation of jobs for the unemployed, with the activation and mobilization of local actors. The program includes activities such as training and education, development of business plan, specialized evaluation services and research for new business creation, support for legal and tax issues. The goal of Local Employment Pacts is to prepare the unemployed beneficiaries (after completing their preparation through the above actions) in order to be able to:

  • establish businesses, which will benefit from the characteristics of their area
  • gain qualification for being eligible to be subsidized / subsidizated by other investment programs

ANEVO as the coordinator of the partnership that it was created for the implementation of the project, drafted in cooperation with other partners (including the Municipality of Volos, University of Thessaly and others), a plan of actions that address the diverse needs of beneficiaries, providing comprehensive support for the promotion of employment. Each individual action is complementary to other activities and all activities together are integrated into a single project, whose main objective is the social and professional integration of 80 unemployed into the context of local development.

The implementation of the operation is supervised by the Managing Authority of Thessaly and the total budget of the project is 282.200 , while the budget for ANEVO is 95.550,75 .

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