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The central objective of the program that concerns the whole country is to prevent and tackle social exclusion of vulnerable social groups, which are particularly affected by the economic crisis through the integration and reintegration into the labor market. Specifically, through the program, unemployed beneficiaries will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them have increase employment opportunities in the local labor market.

The program funds activities such as:

• Vocational training,
• internships in private companies, and
• advisory services for start-ups.

ANEVO as the coordinator of the partnership that it was created for the implementation of the project, drafted in cooperation with the other partners, a plan of actions that address the diverse needs of beneficiaries, providing comprehensive support for the promotion of employment. Each individual action is complementary to other activities and all activities together are integrated into a single project, whose main objective is the social and professional integration of socially vulnerable groups into the context of local development.

The aim of the intervention
Reduce unemployment by creating 10 social enterprises in the fields of Culture, Green Development and Social Economy. In these enterprises 80 unemployed persons belonging to vulnerable social groups, will be assisted, as is set by the framework, for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the enlarged municipality of Volos.

Requirements - Who benefits
A prerequisite for participation in the program is the unemployed beneficiaries to be registered in OAED, or in a “Special Registration list of Unemployment” and at the same time to belong in one of the following population groups:

- Long-term unemployed aged over 45 with low qualifications.
- Persons with Disabilities.
- Heads of single parentʼs families.
- Women victims of domestic violence.
- Women / Men victims of trafficking.
- Immigrants, refugees.
- People with religious and cultural characteristics.
- Asylum seekers.
- People discharged from prison.
- Former substance abusers.
- Seropositive.
- Homeless.
 - People in a situation of poverty / threatened by poverty.
- People who are subject to discrimination based on sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

The partnership consists of Volos Development Company (ANEVO) as the lead partner, Municipality of Volos, KEKPA-DIEK, Municipal Education Agency for Children, DOEPAP-DIPETHE, University of Thessaly, the Centre for Research and Technology-Thessaly (CERETETH) and the Region of Thessaly.

1. Survey of the local labor market
2. Networking with professional bodies
3. Networking with local government bodies
4. Networking with other agencies within the region of Thessaly
5. Publicity – Raising Awareness
6. Coordination and Management
7. Training - Education
8. Empowerment - Counseling
9. Professional support - Culture & Sport sector
10. Professional support - Agricultural sector
11. Entrepreneurship

Starting date of the Project - May 2012 and will last for 24 months.

Approved Budget for the whole action: 440.000 Euros

Budget for ANEVO: 129.031 Euros


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