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European Mobility Week 2014 -

The Municipality of Volos with 14 more cities from Greece and another 1663 from Europe is taking part to the European Mobility Week of 2014.  

European Mobility Week is the most widespread campaign on sustainable mobility in the world. It takes place every year from 16 to 22 September. The aim of the campaign is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite people to try out alternatives to car use.

Since its introduction in 2002, the impact of European Mobility Week has steadily grown, both across Europe and around the world. 2013 saw the participation of 1,931 cities from 47 countries. A total of 8,623 permanent measures have been implemented, mainly focusing on infrastructure for cycling and walking, traffic calming, improving transport accessibility and raising awareness about sustainable travel behaviour. The Week culminates in the ʽIn Town Without My Car!ʼ event, where participating towns and cities set aside one or several areas solely for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport for a whole day.

Every year, European Mobility Week looks at a different topic related to sustainable mobility. This yearʼs theme, “Our streets, our choice” focuses on the effects of transport on urban quality of life, and how we can redress the imbalance between space given to cars and space for cyclists and pedestrians.  The aim of these thematic guidelines is to provide local European Mobility Week coordinators with background information on this theme and inspiration for suitable campaign activities. European Mobility Week encourages local authorities to reallocate and redesign streets and public spaces in favour of people.

These guidelines provide concrete ideas on how to implement this and will also help local European Mobility Week coordinators to develop activities that match the criteria of the prestigious European Mobility Week Award. 

For most of the last century, cities have been shaped by urban planners in thrall  to motor vehicles. Urban areas across Europe were remade to better facilitate cars, often at the expense of other forms of transport. The dominance of private vehicles has resulted in our cities becoming ever more congested, polluted and noisy, as well as less healthy and pleasant.

European Mobility Week 2014 aims to re-evaluate the way we view urban space. Throughout the week, the relationship between land use and quality of life will be examined. This yearʼs slogan, “Our streets, our choice”, encourages people across Europe to create the type of city that they want to live in.

Globally, there is an increasing movement to “reclaim” urban areas: car-parking spaces can be transformed into mini parks. Concrete streets can be used for community activities. Thoroughfares can make way for café seats and al fresco dining. In short, this year is all about reallocating and redesigning streets and public spaces in favour of people.

The needs of cyclists and pedestrians have often been sidelined – this year we hope to see a change in mobility priorities, so that those using low-impact and sustainable methods of transport can take centre stage.

From towns to cities, each of us is affected by the way we use space and the types of transport we choose to prioritise. Together, local authorities and citizens can design cities that put people first.

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