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In the frameworks of international partnership in the European Project HERMES, DEMEKAV participated in a congress organized by the Hungarian partners in Budapest, between 17 and 19 February 2005. 
Subject of the congress was the development process of the heritage internet radio, which constitutes one important objective of the project. Organizer of this congress was the National Radio of Hungary, which has hosted the congress, while participants were all European partners that deal with the development of the heritage internet radio (journalists, technicians, multimedia & graphic designers see list of participants).
DEMEKAV was represented by Philippos Kalogiannis (graphic designer).
The works of the congress began on Friday morning, with a discussion about the degree of succeeded development of the projects heritage internet radio, after the contributions by each partner separately and mainly by the coordinator partner (Radio LOTTE Weimar).

More specifically, it was presented much of the work that has been done for the starting and operation of heritage internet radio in the last six months period, the correspondence of users up to now by the statistical examination of visits and finally it was discussed what can be done in the future. 
 The same afternoon took place an interesting discussion that included evaluation of the music emitted from internet radio, the programs logo and also the possibilities and prospects of a new relative publication.

On Saturday, which was the second and last day of the congress, there were discussed the technical aspects of supporting heritage internet radio (required infrastructure, etc), and also there were solved organizational questions of the project. The two days works closed with a tour of partners to the more known sights of the city of Budapest.

List of participants

  • Filippos Kalogiannis (DEMEKAV),
  • Svetla Varbanova (Bulgarian National Radio),
  • Svetlana Ditcheva (Bulgarian National Radio),
  • Sanja Halilovic (Croatian Radio),
  • Vid Mesaric (Croatian Radio),
  • Dr. Geza Valyi (Hungarian Radio),
  • Akos Gozon (Hungarian Radio),
  • Janusz Andrzejowski (Radio Krakow),
  • Katarzyna Fortuna (Radio Krakow),
  • Pierre, Michael Helbing (Radio LOTTE Weimar),
  • Aleksander Berda (Slovak Radio),
  • Dr. Hatto Fischer (Volos),
  • Dr. Burkhardt Kolbmueller (Coordinator of HERMES),
  • Sebastian Schroeder (Bauhaus University Weimar),
  • Klaus Schenk (Webmaster),
  • Christoph Roesler (Mjuzik Editor),
  • Pawel Kaminski (HRN office)
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